10 Tips for Selecting the Best Car Insurance Policy


7) Get Multiple Quotes, even on weekends!

Don’t just rely on a single car insurance quote. Get multiple quotes from different providers. This will help you get better rates, but it also gives you an opportunity to shop around and compare policies side-by-side. For example, some providers might offer discounts that don’t show up until after you have committed to a policy. So it pays to check several sources before committing to one company (and its rates).

8) Use your Driver’s License Number not your name

When applying for a new car insurance policy, you’ll be asked to provide your name and driver’s license number. It can be tempting to use your full name when filling out these forms, but that information is already in your driver’s license database; make sure you give your DL number instead. This tip can help make it more difficult for scammers to apply for an insurance policy with fake information about you.


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