The Top 10 Best Universities in the United States


Duke University (N.C.)

This prestigious private university is located in Durham, N.C., and was founded in 1838. They offer over 100 different undergraduate programs and 150 different graduate programs, which can be further categorized into nine schools: Arts & Sciences, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (Singapore), Divinity, Engineering, Law, Nursing & Health Professions, Public Policy & Administration, Social Work and Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University was founded by philanthropist Johns Hopkins (1807-1873), a man who played a crucial role in laying down some of America’s first railroads and once owned an estimated five percent of all railroad stock. He bequeathed his fortune to create an educational institution that would foster an intellectual community. In so doing, he established one of America’s most prestigious universities.


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