All You Need to Know About Short-Term Car Insurance

Review all information before submitting

Before you start shopping for short-term car insurance, take a few minutes to look over all of your documents (many companies will ask you for proof of ID, driving record and past claims) as well as what’s covered in your current policy. Not only can knowing exactly what’s covered save you money, but it also prevents any nasty surprises should an accident occur while your car is being repaired.

Where can I find the best deals?

Accidents can happen and driving without any insurance coverage could cost a fortune. So if you’re in a pinch and need temporary coverage, here are some good places to start looking for deals: Auto clubs : These clubs often offer great rates on low-end policies. But watch out: The cheaper they get, the more limited your coverage becomes, including what’s covered by a rental car when one is needed after an accident.


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