what is reseller hosting

what is reseller hosting Best Reseller Hosting 2021

Reseller Hosting

What is reseller hosting?

what is reseller hosting

What is reseller hosting 


Reseller hosting allows a Web host provider to allow some or all of its Web hosting services to be purchased by an individual or third-party organization. Reseller hosting allows an organization to act like a Web host provider without having to create, manage and maintain a Web server infrastructure.

Reseller hosting is primarily a business model offered by Web hosting providers. This model allows one or more companies to lease Web space which is packaged, rebranded, and sold under their brand. Each reseller host will be given a white or private labeled control panel that allows them to manage their leased space as well as their customers, depending on which primary hosting provider they use.
The reseller host can handle billing and technical support but it will always be dependent on the

primary host to provide additional Web space or resolve technical problems.

Reseller hosting is a way to rent hard drive space and bandwidth from one company (hosting provider). This allows the company to rent space and bandwidth to another small-mid-sized business, which then rents it to entrepreneurs-small businesses. Reseller hosting allows you to offer hosting services to your clients like you were the web host. This is a common option for aspiring entrepreneurs or current web developers and designers looking to add more services to their business.



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